Monday, October 6, 2008

Chinese scalp acupuncture

Chinese scalp acupuncture was developed by neurosurgeons and is based on the study of neuroanatomy. The practitioner indirectly stimulates regions of the brain that correspond to certain anatomical and physiological functions by applying needles or mild electrostimulation to corresponding points on the scalp. The aim is to trigger a process of relearning in which healthy areas of the brain take over for other areas that are no longer functioning effectively. For example, patients who have suffered stroke or other brain damage can regain the use of their arms or legs by stimulating new parts of the brain to take over this function. In China, this form of scalp acupuncture is a routine part of treatment for brain-injured patients. ?


* Acute and chronic pain of all kinds??
* Pain and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system
* Improved post-operative mobilization??
* Nerve pain??
* Functional disorders??
* Neurological disorders
* Stroke??
* Facial paralysis??
* Spasticity??
* Birth injuries
* Developmental disorders in children

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